Its your Temecula Realtor business plan, does "luck" really have a place in it?

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What about that business plan of yours?

I know, it is that time of year again, we all get the dripple down instructions to write out goals and make a business plan. And in my experience, most agents seem to choose to ignore that whole process. 

So, this brings me to one of my pet peeve's - whenever I have been working for a large office (and yes, it happened in the past), I would walk out the door and somewhere in the building someone would holler "GOOD LUCK"... at the door slamming behind me. Now, I am not going to say that it is a misguided thing to say, as I mentioned, this does seem to be the modus operandi of a large volume of Realtors. 

That said, I personally subscribe to Tom Ferry's idea - this is a day, and trip, planned and created by design, not by sheer luck as many would have it. By Design... Test that idea for a moment. 

By Design, it implies that one is not haphazardly running around trying to get something to work, but rather that following careful analysis, a defined set of actions are implemented and the results of those actions are very directly related to me having appointments to go on. 

Back to that business plan. It's really pretty simple. 

  1. Decide how much money you want to make
  2. Figure out your average commission per transaction
  3. Divide... 

You now know how many transactions you need to produce the income you need. So, if you're in Temecula and a Realtor, the math is fairly simple. All you have to do now, is realize that you need to speak to roughly 50 new people to close a transaction... How you go about that, is all up to you, as you can imagine, I have lots of good ideas on that one. But you should figure out what works for you and what you are comfortable with. 

Now that you know how mcuh business you are doing, where it is coming from and how you are doing... LUCK is no longer part of the conversation. And that appointment you are going out on today, you planned for that last winter when you put your business plan together and comitted yourself to the actions needed to work the plan.

Oh, and call on Tom Ferry and tell him Thank you when you get there. 

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