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Harris Real Estate University 90 Day Massive Action Plan


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90 Day Massive Action Plan

4th Quarter 2011



1:  Post the completed plan in 3 to 4 public places.  Your office door, your refrigerator at home, give a copy to your accountability partner, etc.  Tell everyone about your plan.

2:  Listen to every HREU Daily Message.

3:  Attend all weekly HREU Conference Calls.

4:  Read the completed plan 3 times daily.

5:  Have 2 – 3 Accountability Partners who are also participating in the 100 Days To Greatness Plan for 4th Quarter 2011.

My 90 Day Massive Action Plan

Begin on ____________, and end on _____________.

First, a brief Motivational Video:


Working IN my Real Estate Business

In order to get where you want to be, you must first know where you are.  What are your current numbers?

My current, Year-To-Date Numbers are the following:

So far, from January 1st to today’s date: _____________, I have produced _____ closed transactions.  This equals $____________.  I have _____ pending transactions, which equals $____________, for a total amount produced so far this year of $______________.

I now have _____ Active Listings.  Usually, it takes me _____ price reductions to get one of my listings sold.  I also have _____ active buyers, who are committed to me or my team exclusively, and will buy in the next 60 days or less.

_____ of my Active Listings will sell this year.  _____ of my buyers will close this year.  That means I can account for $___________ more in income.

In my market, _____% of the active listings sell per month, so if I had _____ listings, and _____% sold monthly, I’d have ___ listings sell per month.  Each great listing should produce a minimum of one great buyer, so that would also mean _____ buyer sales per month, minimum.  Sign up to get more buyer calls on your listings!

Download Your Free Copy Of This Plan HERE: 

Now that I know my numbers, I can set some goals for the next 100 days…In the next 100 days, I am committed to the following:

I need to list _______ more properties, so I’ll have _____ Active Listings by this date: _____.  That’s about _____ listing(s) taken per week.  For that to happen, I will work _____ days per week, for a total of _____ work days in this 100 day period.

On work days, I will make _____ contacts daily, or _____ weekly, setting a minimum of _____ appointments per week.  Of those appointments, I will list ___ %.

In order to sell my Listings faster, I am committed to reducing each listing every 2 weeks, or 10 showings, whichever comes first.

In the next 100 days, I will have ______ sales, as a result of my work.  _____ will be Listings, and _____ will be Buyers.  This will be a total of _____ new escrows.  That’s $____________ in new, pending commissions!

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In other words, My GOAL IS to produce

$__________ in 90 days!

4th Quarter will be my BEST quarter EVER!!

Another Motivational Video:

Why am I doing this??!

When I accomplish the above, I will reward myself by:


HREU Suggestions: Trip to Europe / Shopping Spree / New Car / Family Vacation / Something you’ve always wanted to do, see or have.

Post Pictures of this BIG GOAL on your desk, or someplace you see it EVERY DAY.





HREU Suggestions: Mini, daily or weekly goals work to motivate you daily, if not hourly.  Suggestions: Taking your spouse or significant other out for ‘date night’ on Saturday night when you’ve accomplished your weekly goals.  Hint: tell them about your goals, so they’ll hold you accountable.  Other suggestions: buy a new iPhone after a great month, or a day at the Spa, or a 3-day weekend.




HREU Note about Accountability:  Many studies have shown that people are either motivated by pleasure or by pain. The old Carrot or Stick Theory of motivation. At HREU, we suggest you motivate yourself in both ways…  How?  Write a check for at least $3000.00 to whatever Presidential Candidate you like the LEAST. 

Download Your Free Copy Of This Plan HERE: 

Date that check to coincide with the end of the run up to the election.  Put that check in an envelope addressed to that candidate.  Give the envelope and check to an accountability partner, with instructions to mail if you do NOT meet your goal.  Ideally, the accountability partner exchanges a similar check with YOU.

Working ON my business:

This will help me achieve my 100-days to Greatness GOALS.  These are the things I need to do, working ON my business, so that working IN my business becomes easier and more productive…



My Morning Schedule



8am: Listen to HREU Daily Message





My Afternoon Schedule









For a high level of Accountability, choose to do the following:

a) Email Summary of HREU Daily Message to Accountability Partners and to yourself.

b) Send your Daily Accountability form to Accountability Partners.

c) Be accountable to your MasterMind Group.

WARNING: Short Sales – love em or hate em, they’re here to stay! Go beyond the basic short sale designation. Watch the FREE Short Sale video and download the FREE Short Sale training guide.NOTICE: Free book guaranteed for first 100 agents only.

Minimum Standards of Accountability are as follows:

a) Daily Contacts: _____ per day. EXP/FSBO/PCs/COIs/SS/REO

b) _____ Appointments per week.

c) _____ time spent on scripts per day.

d) _____ time spent role playing per day.

e) _____ time spent doing Relentless Lead Follow Up.


I am committed to implementing in the next 100 days: (ciircle the 2-3 max)

*signing up for courses at HREU to increase my skills

*implementing lead generation daily

*stop fearing and start listing Short Sales

*signing up for the system

*listening to the free Friday Superstar Interviews. Listen HERE.

*hiring a buyers agent

*creating / polishing / upgrading your Pre Listing Package

*replacing a team member

*learning how to list REO properties

*reading the HREU blog. Read NOW.

*upgrading your Listing Presentation

*upgrading / starting to use a Buyer Presentation

Download Your Free Copy Of This Plan HERE: 

*mailing to your COI/PC list consistently

*mailing JL/JS cards

*developing a FSBO campaign of cards & calls

*developing an EXP campaign of cards & calls

*not just collecting but USING scripts!

*actually developing/following a Lead Follow Up System

*creating and using buyer questionnaire

*creating and using listing pre-qualification questionnaire

*hiring an assistant

*signing up for a free coaching call


Read this Affirmation 5 times daily:

“I believe that I will have this money in my possession.  My belief is so strong that I now can see the money before my eyes.  I am holding it in my hands.  I know it exists and it is awaiting transfer to me in return for my services rendered with full honesty and all possible skill and diligence.  A plan exists which will transfer to sum of $________________to me by _______________and my receptive mind will see that plan and cause me to follow it.”


(Napoleon Hill)


Name         Phone Number                  Email Address






Your Signature                                    date



Coach                                             date



Office Manager                            date



Spouse/Signifcant Other                  date



Accountability Partner                  date








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