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Whether you are looking for a home in Scranton Pa or Charlotte NC being a savvy buyer is still the same.  This is a great article to remind buyers the 5 most important steps while searching for a home.

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How to be a Savvy Charlotte Home Buyer

Today, buying a Charlotte home can be both easier and more difficult than in years past.  Yes, it IS a buyer’s market, which implies that prices are lower, but it also means there is a large supply of homes for sale that you have to wade through to find your dream home.  Purchasing a home is a lot simpler when you know how to be a savvy Charlotte home buyer.

Follow these five Charlotte home buyer tips to purchase the home of your dreams with less hassle and at a great price:

  1. List your Charlotte home before searching for another home.  Contingent Contracts, based upon the sale of your existing home, further complicate the buying process, greatly reducing your negotiating power and the chance of getting a good deal.  Sellers are often unwilling to give any concessions, whether in price, Closing costs or leaving behind items that you request if they have to wait for you to sell your home.
  2. home buyers Charlotte 269x300 How to be a Savvy Charlotte Home BuyerGet pre-approved for a loan FIRST  Sellers prefer to negotiate with buyers who are pre-approved for a loan large enough to purchase their home.  The pre-approval may save you money because you’re able to leverage and negotiate a lower price.  Additionally, you’ll save time by looking exclusively at homes within your price range.
  3. Ignore easy-to-change design issues.  If the shag carpeting isn’t your style, you can easily change it after purchasing the home.  Don’t like wallpaper? No big deal–remove it after you own the home.  Envision what the home can look like with your personal touch.
  4. Get a professional home inspection by a licensed inspector.  Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make, so be sure the structure is in good condition.  During a home inspection, a qualified inspector takes a thorough, unbiased look at the property.  The home inspection contingency is one which you do want to include in your Contract.
  5. Make a serious offer.  Listen to the price guidance your real estate agent provides and make an Offer that won’t offend the seller.  Most sellers expect an offer lower than the asking price, but they don’t want to feel insulted.  You’ll get much closer to what you want to pay for the house if you treat the seller like you want to be treated – with respect and courtesy.

If you’re ready to buy a Charlotte home, let me help you get it at the best price and with as little hassle as possible.  Give me a call today or email me at to get started.

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Kimberley Kelly, SFR, HAFA, GREEN
HK Lane, Christie's International Affiliate, 760-285-3578 - La Quinta, CA
I do Real Estate like I played polo-to WIN!

Good, sage advice for buying anywhere!

Oct 04, 2011 02:44 AM
Bonnie Vaughan
Scranton, PA
CNE SFR - Buyers/Sellers - Lackawanna & Surroundin

Thanks Kimberly

Oct 04, 2011 02:42 PM