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I really enjoyed this post from Debbie Gartner from Floor Coverings International in Westchester (all I did there was cut and paste that sentence from Debbie's post.)

As a professional Social Media and Internet marketer, it is always a pleasure to read about blogging and marketing from business owners, rather than other marketers.  Not only does it lend credibility to the SEO/SMM/IM profession, but we all learn something new.  This arena is contantly evolving, and the 'ReBlog' button on AR is a very powerful tool for those that use it wisely.

For me, the geography part is not as important, since I can work with anyone, anywhere, for marketing, coaching, and consulting.  For the software side of the business, Vermont is the main area, though we may be expanding to the rest of the East Coast.

Debbie mentions Google Maps ... this is a key element for marketing these days.  If you would like to learn a bit more, here is a link to a post from the Social Media Agency, UpLog, with whom I am a partner.   I'll be adding information to my Hawks Mountain Consulting web site as well.

As for adding a backlink (like the one I have in the last paragraph), make sure you fill out the 'title' portion.  This is an important element for SEO, and many people just leave it blank.

Lastly, add your contact information is ALWAYS a good idea, and should always include as much information as possible to make it as easy as possible for you to be found and contacted.  So, here is my contact information (with embedded links where appropriate ... again, the point is to make it EASY):

Those who are interested in learning even more about SEO, SMM, IM, and Blogging can contact me, Patrick Ciriello by phone at 888-236-8015, by email at, via our website at Hawks Mountain Consulting, through Skype: patrick.ciriello, or on Facebook.

I hope everyone has an awesome week!

Original content by Debbie Gartner

Reblogging can be both beneficial for the original poster as well as the reblogger from an SEO standpoint.  Here are a few tips to maximize your impact - both for you and the original blogger.

How it can help the original author

reblog button active rain1.  Their post gets more exposure, and importantly an additional link back to their post.  This helps the SEO of their post.  Also, they may get some more comments (which can also help) and more readers (and some may reblog it on the rebound). Sometimes more exposure leads to a feature, too.

2.  If the original poster has links in their post or footer back to their website, then, they've now received additional links to their, site, too.

3.  You can help the original poster by giving them a link back to their profile page.  So, when you say, thank you so and so for writing this post, add a link to their name and link it to their profile page (you may need to open up a 2nd window).  E.g. I really enjoyed this post from Debbie Gartner from Floor Coverings International in Westchester  When you do this, you help strengthen the page rank and searchability of their profile page.  Try to use some key words in the link (e.g. what they do and city/town they are located in.  If you can just take 2 minutes to read their profile page, it will really go a long way to helping them as well as creating a stronger relationship with them.


How to improve your SEO and your impact.

1.  Change the title...and if possible, include your geography.  First off, changing the title in any way will help both you and the original author so it won't be seen as duplicate content. Second, if you include your geography, you are more likely to come up for your local search reults. To change the title, you need to publish the post, and then immediately go and edit, change the title and republish.  (Try to do this right away before google indexes it. if it's done later, it's okay, but it will take longer before google recaches it). 

I do this for posts that are relevant to me/home improvement.  i do not do this for fun posts that I reblog where geography just doesn't make sense.  (Not to mention that people will not be trying to find me for those terms).

3.  Add commentary about the post AND include your geography here.  You should be doing htis anyway to explain why you think the post is great and why you are reblogging for your audience.  Mention your geography in the first line and if the reblog is logn enough, in the last line too.  I try to always include zip codes too, since that seems to help with the searching.  Sometimes, I'll even include a google map here w/ my geography.

4.  Add a link back to your website in the commentary,  if appropiate.  For example, I have reblogged some posts from a friend of mine from Floor Coverings International and he is in another geography.  One time, he wrote about cork flooring, so I mentioned that anyone looking for cork flooring in Westchester NY could find more info on my cork page.

5.  Add your contact info at the end of the commentary unobtrusively.  Yes, I know we all have footers, and if someone scrolls to the bottom, they will find us.  But, sometimes, people either get confused with a reblog and/or don't read everything.  Sometimes, they want to contact the reblogger because their commentary is so good (Lenn Harley is a great role model for this) and/or they want their local person.  So, now, I've started adding something like, "Compliments of Debbie Gartner, owner of Floor Coverings International in Westchester NY 914-937-2950.  I do it in bold so it stands out a bit, but not too much, so it doesn't ook flashy and doesn't take away from the content of the original blogger.

Hope this is helpful.



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Hi Patrick.  Thx so much for reblogging and for adding a lot of value to this.  I really appreciate that. I'm going to subscribe to your blog, too.  Oh, and thx for the link back.

Oct 04, 2011 05:32 AM