Apple Announcement - The New iPhone 4S

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Apple Announcement - The New iPhone 4S
Apple Unveils iPhone 4S With Voice-Recognition Features
It appears that Apple is NOT coming out with the iPhone 5 - yet. However during today's announcement they did share what the iPhone 4S will be featuring.
Apple Announcement - The New iPhone 4S
Stats on the iPhone 4S:
The new chip is twice as fast as the older one, we are told. Battery life is 8 hours of talk time on 3G, 14 hours on 2G, 10 hours of watching video.
Mr. Schiller is now talking about the wireless system. The 4S now can switch between the two antennas to transmit and receive, for better call quality. He says downloading data can be twice as fast.
Mr. Schiller is saying that the speed bump the 4S gets from the new chip makes it competitive with devices that can use faster 4G wireless networks.
The 4S is also is a world phone, meaning it has both GSM and CDMA network capabilities. That's huge for Verizon.
Prices for the iPhone 4S are as follows: $199 for 16 gigabytes of storage, $299 for 32 GB, and $399 for 64 GB. There will be an iPhone 4 with 8 GB for $99. And there will be an iPhone 3GS for... free, with a two-year contract.
Preorders for the 4S start Oct. 7, delivery on the 14th.
Sprint gets it too! So a world phone on three out of four major networks.
So, in spite of the many mockups that circulated online, and "new cases" that were "revealed," the iPhone 4S looks exactly the same as the iPhone 4.
Investors seem unhappy with what they've heard. Apple's stock is down 2.6 percent on heavy volume.
What are your thoughts about Apple's new iPhone 4S announcement?
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Mike Carlier
Lakeville, MN
More opinions than you want to hear about.

It didn't make me run out and get in line.  The announcement that Sprint will carry the IPhone is probably most significant. 

Oct 04, 2011 08:17 AM
Inna Ivchenko
Barcode Properties - Encino, CA
Realtor® • GRI • HAFA • PSC Calabasas CA

Time flies, now it is already #10 Iphone is on the market. 

Nov 27, 2017 06:26 PM