Small to Mid Size Companies in the Northern Bay Area Expands.

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Small to Mid Size Companies in the Northern Bay Area Expands. 

Could there be a shift in demand of space in the Commercial and Industrial Buildings in the Sonoma - Napa County areas? As most residents in Sonoma and Napa Counties struggle with finding employment there seems to be a sudden boost of  hope for local residents.

Several small to mid size companies are expanding their base of operations grasping onto occupy industrial buildings and spaces that once have been used by larger corporations. Based on the Sonoma County Spring Economic Report 2011, unemployment in the county decreased by 2% a percentage that is higher than the U.S. rate but lower than the California average (www.sonoma.edb). I believe that there seems to be some hope for residents to find occupation. I also believe that the rate of wages will not be as much as it once was. Companies now are trying to hold onto their cash more than ever. 

I believe the way we can recover from a slump of an economy is to revive entreprenueralship. Lower taxes and restrictions. Cities have to enable companies to start up easily rather than trying to squeeze an enormous amount of money before even opening their doors. Here's what I propose to my fellow constituants. I suggest that we demand less from our employers. Swallow up your pride of trying to earn that high wage/salary and just accept an offer that is reasonable enough for you to live on. If we keep on demanding higher wages, companies will rather keep jobs offshore were its less costs. I believe if we are more competitive than our counterparts overseas then we have a chance of having more employment brought back into our cities and state. I don't know how long this slump will last, but I see and predict a slow gradual increase in employment. 

What do you think? How can we increase employment and create jobs? Let me know your thoughts. Please be professional with your responses. 

P.S. here are some links as to reports on business activities.

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