How Good is Your Website or Blog?

Real Estate Agent with RealtyPlug

Your website and blog are only as good as the content you fill it with. Do you have a full property search on your website?  Can you easily add your listings to it, and change the default settings of the search?

RealtyPlug allows you to do this cheaper than any other real estate marketing service. 

Below, is a map-based search you can easily add to any of your websites or blogs... with just one line of text. 

You can completely customize the search criteria. 

You can completely customize the colors.

You can make it map-based, standard, or both.

You can also add a similar search to your Facebook page.




Go to, and sign up for a Free Trial.

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Bryan Bowles
Founder of RealtyPlug

Easily add a property search to your Facebook page, websites and blogs using RealtyPlug real estate marketing tools!