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It is once again that time of year when the minds of many men and women living in North Idaho look to the hills and listen for the bugle of the Rocky Mountain Bull Elk.  The trees have started to turn, there is a certain crispness in the air and something else..something subtle and undetected to most.   Time is taken off work, hunting gear is carefully washed and bagged so as not to give off any human scent, bows and rifles are sited in, the excitement builds.  Tents are packed, food is gathered, ice chests are filled, and trucks are loaded.  All with one focus in mind.. to catch if only a shadow of an elk moving quietly thru the timber.

This is also when many of our neighbors from other states set their sights on Idaho.  Some for the first time.  For many others this is one of many trips.  For most they all find some peace in the freedom and wildness that North Idaho still has to offer.  This is also the time that many decide to move their families here to find a simpler more laid back way of life.  The search for a new home or piece of land begins with the bugle of the bull elk in fall! 

Once here, buyers find that there is so much more to this area.  In the Coeur 'D Alene, our lakes and rivers offer many summer time diversions with fishing, boating and just floating down the Coeur 'd Alene river.  For those with a little more of a need for speed there is four wheeling, dirt biking, mountain biking and so much more.  Winter brings with it snow and the ability to ski and snowmobile.  This is definitely a four season area with something for everyone.  And for many it begins with the Fall colors and the bugle of the Bull Elk.

My family and I are also subject to the mystery of fall.  So Best Wishes and Good Hunting! 

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