Step 1 in a 5 Step Process to Improve Your Credit Scores

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Most improvements to your credit score will require ongoing effort from you and will take time.  The only true "quick-fixes" are to successfully dispute derogatory information on your credit report and to pay down your debt.  Below you will find some actions that can help you to improve your score in the least amount of time.

STEP 1  Keep Debt to a Minimum

  • Keep your credit car balances as low as possible.  High limits will drive your score down.
  • Pay off debit if at all possible and don't just move it around.  Owing the same amount but in fewer open accounts can lower your score, especially if those accounts are maxed out.
  • Contrary to most beliefs, don't close unused accounts because zero balances might help your score.
  • Don't open new accounts that you don't need thinking this is a quick fix to lowering your debt to credit limit ratios.  This can actually lower your score.


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