Fall in Michigan--Change

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Fall in Michigan

Fall in Livonia Michigan 2011  Seems a bit early but sure is beautiful.  I had one of those days where you have 4-5 hours of office work and the time just flew by.  I had multiple phone calls where the topic of the day seemed to be all about "change".  We have experienced so much change over the past few years that it may be safe to say that it is normal to see constant almost radical change in short periods of time.  Technology, economic, personal, weather, political changes seems to be rapidly taking place.  So after all of this kind of information being discussed throughout the day, I came out to my car and swear this tree had changed colors since I last seen it just a few hours prior.  It is the only tree in the bunch that started the change and happened to be the one I parked by.  The weather is 70 and sunny along with scenery like this it just doesn't get much better.

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It is so crazy how quick the last month went by but I was sick for an entire month so that might explain it for me!  Hope all is well in Livonia for you!

Oct 14, 2011 01:44 AM