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Effective Blogging for Real Estate Agents

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Effective blogging for the Real Estate Agents:

Blogging is everywhere, our favorite actors/actresses, favorite TV Shows and even animals have their own blog, but how do you as a Realtor use this tool effectively? Keeping a blog as a Realtor is easy to do. Just jump in and add information! Blogging allows you to have a specific area where clients can easily find your recent updates to your site.

What should I write about?

Try blogging about interesting information that your clients may not know about the real estate business or your company. For example, if there was a positive news article about an area that you sell homes in, you can link to that information within your blog write a little blurb about the article, then say hey have a house for sale a couple of blocks away from here if you are interested contact me.

  • Focus on the content your potential clients are going to find interesting. The Local area is going to be key for search engine rankings and for what your clients will look for.
  • Big News in the Real Estate news that deals with your company and how it affects your agents.
  • Interesting things that you as a Real Estate understand but maybe your clients don’t.

Make sure you are not copying information from another website and just pasting it into your blog. This will not help you gain rankings and may actually hurt your website.  Linking to the site where you found an interesting is a great idea as well.

How is this going to help me? 

Search engines will also pick up on these keywords, which will help you, gain more visitors as the more blog posts you write. You will create a backlog of blog posts that will always stay on your site and be pulled for keywords by search engines. Blogging gives your website a personal touch that your clients will want when choosing a Real Estate Agent. 

With our iHOUSE Elite Websites(TM) we provide an integrated Blog with all of tools of a major blog company. We easily allow you to go into your blog add a post and you are done!

For more information on the do's and don'ts of the Blogging world please visit our iHouse Elite White Paper

For those of you Real Estate Agents who blog, what sort of topics do you like to hit on with your blog and how helpful have you found blogging on your site?