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Online Real Estate Video Technologies are injecting much more realism

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Online Real Estate Video Technologies are injecting much more realism into the way today's professionals communicate and share listings with clients for increased sales.

In today's Real Estate Market, with growing inventories and a rapid changing market, Realtors realize in order to differentiate themselves from the competition  - Video is the next step.

It is a proven fact that Multi-Sensory Messaging, such as graphic rich Video Emails, Live Web Broadcastingand Video Instant Messaging, offers a very cost-effective solution for any Realtor showing or selling Real Estate.

Imagine the power of going to a listing presentation, and show your clients how you will use cutting edge Video Technology to promote their listing:

Promote their listing with each and every Video Email you send to your clients with website banners, virtual tours, or better yet a Video commercial and website banners all on one page.

The Video Email allows you to send a personalized Video message two to four minutes long which is plenty of time to communicate and express your thoughts versus typing a conventional message.

Create customers bonds like you have never seen before, as your clients actually get to see and hear you.  After 2-3 Video Emailsyour clients feel like they "know" you. Marketing yourself has never been so easy !

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