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A Re-blog I thought might be worth sharing. This could affect current and future homeowners in our area as well. For someone who personally has to deal with FEMA and flood insurance on my own personal residence, as well as fighting with Bank of America regarding the value of the insurance we have to have.

Original content by Deb Brooks

I received two calls today from my blogs about FEMA from local residents! It is a double edged sword since I am reporting and explaining bad news. August 16, 2011 the new FEMA flood maps became official.

FEMA MAPS REVISEDAs of today, Wells Fargo customers are receiving their Flood Certification Notices. Others may be too. The new maps are now replacing the old and the perimeters are much, much different. Homes that once showed in the "safe zone" or the "C zone" are now showing in the "A zone". What does this mean? This means that their property has just been bumped into the "YOU HAVE TO PAY EXTRA FOR FLOOD INSURANCE" zone. All maps have been re-zoned to include many more properties and acres in the 100 year flood zone.

A nice local gentleman said, "hi, I came across your blog on FEMA and the new Flood Zones and I have some questions. I received a notice from my lender, Wells Fargo today stating that I am in the "A zone". I read your blog where it said you were getting quotes for as much as $20,000 per year for properties that are in this zone". I explained that I managed to find a man that could cover the home for as little as $569.00 per year with a request for grandfathering.

Problem is, the gentleman I spoke to today purchased his property in 2009 and I am not certain how long you must be in your property before you can become grandfathered.

Oh "sigh". I was afraid of this. All chaos is about to break loose.

This is going to cause a great many FORECLOSURES AND SHORT SALES. People are not going to be able to afford this kind of money on or near the water.FEMA MAPS REVISED

For all new closings: A lender must provide a notice of SFHA (special flood hazard area) to a purchaser within ten days of the closing. If the borrower does not comply by purchasing the insurance within 45 days the Federal Government will require the lender to force and choose insurance for the homeowner. This price on the insurance can be exorbitant!

ADVICE: If you feel your property is above the water level of the dam then I recommend a survey. It is called an Elevation Certificate and runs around $350.00 in this area. Most surveyors are equipped with laser equipment that can handle the job. Once you receive your survey with the elevation, photos, legal description you will turn this in to FEMA. If it shows a mistake then you will be re-zoned. This could help on your price.

Be sure and check with your insurance provider and then check with the FEMA certified insurance providers for separate quotes. The quotes can vary  by a huge amount of money. My personal recommendation is:

Gary Blome
Fax 800-456-9830

I spent days looking for him so feel free to save yourself a lot of time and trouble and give Gary a call.
Good luck to all.
This is another change that will be reshaping the entire landscape of our business.


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Will Hamm
Hamm Homes - Aurora, CO
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Hi Nita,  Good reblog.  Good news and bad news always travels and makes trhe phone ring.

Oct 06, 2011 09:14 AM
Tim Riddle
Tim Riddle Broker Associate,Marsha Hardin Real Estate - Azle, TX
SFR,TAHS, Azle ,Fort Worth Real Estate



   Thats a very interesting blog or re blog. Has some great information for agents and clients. I'll try to remember this one

Oct 12, 2011 11:13 AM