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Go Green Part 2

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Old pairs of jeans can be cut into shorts, made into book covers or bags, used as cleaning rags, worn for yard work, tied in a knot and used as a doggie chew toy, or kept around for another 10 years when they'll be in style again.

Americans buy 2.3 million pairs of shoes each day!! Instead of throwing your old shoes out, clean and donate gently used ones and keep grubbier ones around for yard work. Nike will take worn-out athletic shoes (of any brand) and recycle them into new surfaces for basketball courts, running tracks, and playground turf.

How about a bouquet of long-stem...pesticides? No thanks. Show someone you really appreciate them with a handful of organic/ fair-trade flowers or, better yet, blossoms fresh-picked from your yard or a local farm. A nice pot of planted flowers or herbs will provide enjoyment for even longer. You can find small potted trees for the home as well as larger varieties for the yard, a green gift will last for years and help reduce global warming.

Shine your shoes with natural alternatives to toxic shoe polish. Try rubbing the inside of a banana peel on your leather shoes, then buff them with a clean cloth. Or rub a bit of vegetable or olive oil into the leather until it's clean and shiny. And make sure to contact your sanitation department to learn how to dispose of any old shoe polish safely.