Is your Superlative Website working for you?

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Is your content focused on sending a message to your target audience?
Do you need to add customized MLS searches?
Do you have pages that relate only to your specific niche, or are they generic?
Does your photo gallery have your own photos?
Does your photo gallery use up too much valuable space on your home page?
Is your home page a sales page with a call to action?
Do you have a sign up form for your mailing list?

Your website is your storefront on the Internet where people who are window shopping can come and look around at what you have to offer.

Your website has only ONE PURPOSE.....when people click on your website your home page must answer their number one question.... "HOW YOU CAN HELP ME GET WHAT I WANT".

Nothing else matters to the web surfer looking for a Realtor to work with until you catch their attention by answering this question when they land on your home page.

When they arrive at your website they will stay if they find that you have what they need to help them get what they want.  If you do not capture their attention within the first 30 seconds, they are off to the next Google link. 

You cannot expect to accomplish gaining the attention of your web visitor using generic content. Your content must be unique, relevant and specific to your target audience. You want to attract your ideal clients, and to do so, you must write for them specifically.

Your page tab titles must be compelling so that the visitor wants to click on them to learn more.  This will keep them on your website longer and entice them to click on other page tabs and links.

Your photo gallery is attractive and can be utilized to display your photos or a welcome to my website video. Your website's home page real estate is priceless.  Every inch of your home page must contain content, photos and videos designed and written specifically for your target audience.

The positioning of your content and images must be managed to obtain optimal visibility. Use of large photo galleries may be a waste of valuable real estate on your home page. Consider using targeted content and sign up forms and custom MLS searches strategically placed on your home page to maximize the visitor's interest and accessibility.

If you manage to attract the visitor's attention in a matter of seconds and keep them on your website then you are one step farther along in converting them to a PROSPECT!

"Get the RIGHT message to the RIGHT people" .. Diane Leonte

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