Georgia Water Crisis

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Concerned about the Current Water Crisis

There are a lot more organizations than you might think who have a vested interest in the current Georgia watershed crisis.  Local Trout Unlimited Chapter  (Upper Chattahoochee Chapter, #436 - Roswell, Georgia) members have put in a lot of time and hard work in local fisheries and stream restoration on many of the very waters you are using.  Even if you are not a member, you can support this not for profit organization with a donation that will net you a gift for yourself or for one of your special clients.

Trout Unlimited Today

Today Trout Unlimited is a national organization with more than 150,000 volunteers organized into about 400 chapters from Maine to Montana to Alaska. This dedicated grassroots army is matched by a respected staff of lawyers, policy experts and scientists, who work out of more than 30 offices nationwide. These conservation professionals ensure that TU is at the forefront of fisheries restoration work at the local, state and national levels.

The Gift

Volunteer some time or make a donation and give the gift that keeps on giving.  Worst case, you might make some new friends, and surely benefit from a cleaner watershed.

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