Headlines, Statistics, Instincts and Anecdotes

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I’m not an accountant, or statistician or bean counter. I’ve never been inclined to be any of them. I hold my own pretty well when talking and working with number crunchers, but I get no personal pleasure out of crunching numbers.

I’m about 10% pessimist. Yea, maybe the RJ is right. If they are, it’s going to be a great depression. Lots of us will become homeless or at least tenants again. Jobs will disappear. Belagio and MGM and Wynn will be having 29 dollar room sales on holiday weekends. Bridges will be collapsing and fires won’t get put out. Something tells me that that’s NOT how it’s going to go down.

I’m about 90% Optimist. I believe things in the mortgage and real estate industries will sort themselves out, and are already off to a good start in doing so. I’m yet to talk to ANYONE who’s lost their core fundamental belief that real estate ownership is good for them in the long run. Read More..

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