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As requested, here are the pictures I took today.  Feel free to right click on the pictures and save to your computer.  If you'd like an original sized one, feel free to ask.  They're quite large in size and don't always fit into typical inboxes.

There are about 3 acres of prairie (clearing) and 2 wooded acres.  The wooded area goes upwards to your right on Mont Pinacle and behind the clearing to the right.  If you walk the land behind the clearing, you'll find an old stone wall.  That's the dividing line.

Pinacle Road, Frelighsburg, Quebec

This is the beginning of Pinacle road coming in from Frelighsburg.

  land in Frelighsburg

You can see my car parked here are the very beginning of the long driveway.


This is a view of the long driveway leading into the clearing where a house can be built.  You thus save money by not having to cut down all the trees.  It's already been done for you.


View from the beginning of the driveway.


View of the mountains to your left as you walk down the driveway.


View from the deep end of the clearing looking towards the driveway entrance.

View of the clearing looking towards Pinacle Road.


View from about mid-clearing.


Wooded area past the clearing.


Wooded area.

Wooded area.


View of your closest potential neighbour.  You can see the location of this house if you look at the picture where my car is parked.


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David Shamansky
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This is a very cool way to show and describe the views as well as privacy for this lot. Well done and good luck with your listing

Oct 08, 2011 11:03 AM