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Goal...the result or achievement toward which effort is directed;aim; end.  

Dream...most desirable; ideal: to imagine as if in a dream, to pass or spend (time) in dreaming, a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep..and I could go on.

We often talk about our dreams.  What we want to do someday, someplace we want to visit.  We "visualize" ourselves doing these things, driving "that" car, living in "that" home, living "the life"!  But..and I am guilty of this...that is as far as it goes.  It is a dream and nothing more because I make nothing more out of it, taking no responsibility when it does not happen.

I think the real difference between having a dream and having a goal is what I do with it.  This simple concept relates to business and life. Goals require effort and planning to complete and they may even have once been dreams.  Can my dreams become goals?  By definition a goal requires effort, work and direction while the definitions of dreams are usually related to sleep and the passing of time.  

I want to chase those dreams and make those dreams into goals!!  I talk to others everyday about what it is going to take to make their "dream home" come true and I forget that I need to work for mine.  Now this is what I am going to do!  I have been laying the ground work for the chase.  NOW..The first step has been taken. I am being held accountable!!  Scary..a bit.. but I have to answer to someone else for the steps I am taking and the goals I am setting to make my dreams reality.    

Accountability is Good!!  I think..stay tune this could be an interesting ride!










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Karen Horst

Accountability IS good, and a necessary tool to get or stay on a path...designated by oneself or God (and both). 


I'm enjoying reading your blog entries........learning a lot and even more about your internal dialogues.....manifested to 'paper'.


Someone is listening!

Oct 28, 2011 12:13 PM