Attach To Things That Are Worth It !!

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Some attachments make lifelong memories.  Investing some of you and your time can make a huge difference.

We always encourage giving pets a second chance at the life they deserve.  If you don't have time to spend rescuing a pet, please make a donation at your local animal shelter.  Preferably a no kill shelter.

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AttachmentAs you get older you learn about the consequences to attachment. What I mean by attachment is investing of yourself, your time, energy, talents, even money to things, organizations, people, pets, causes and projects. Everything has tradeoffs and costs. By doing one thing you can't in that same instance do another. Spending time with children you can't be at the same time at work. What are your priorities? What are you willing to SPEND or NOT DO otherwise with your choices. A judicious use of the word NO in our lives to MANY things helps you focus on what you want. But there is a lesson to what you DO PICK, and that is "meaningfulness."


Sounds like a no brainer huh? But I listen to people gripe and complain about doing something they hate, whether it is volunteer work, too much "career work", spending time with groups or buddies or gals they basically despise. WHO is holding a gun to these person's heads FORCING them to continue? If you "Don't get attached" as a decision to begin with, you can "unattach" with an earlier bad attachment decision and a kick in the pants and the most little bit of courage. Who is driving your life ship anyway???

Dog RescueI'll give you an example of this worth it stuff. I have done dog rescue, adopt a pet, foster dog, flea dip, humane society work. These dogs have ripped up my grass in my yard, chewed the wood fence, escaped the yard, fought with each other, BUT in the end I have always found them a good home, BECAUSE they were worth it. I could have been lazing on the boat on Saturday afternoon but I liked the "critters" more. Animal and human relationships with love involve the GREATEST risk with your love attachment but despite possible heart break, I have ALWAYS found them worth the attachment. Find what IS worth it to you with your attachment.

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