Your Home Is An Investment Not A Lottery Ticket.

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The aftermath of the real estate bubble should make us all aware of what home ownership really means.  It's a basic human need, not your retirement nest egg.

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Your Home Is An Investment Not A  Lottery Ticket.Lottery winner

The good old American Dream of home ownership  is in need of a major revision, with so many families struggling to rebuild their life's, after they have had to deal with foreclosure, short sale, and a major loss of equity in their homes. Today's buyer/sellers need to face a new reality that their purchase of a home in today's real  market is not like being given a winning lottery ticket. Purchasing a home thinking that it will rise in value enough to finance other financial goals, your retirement, college tuition, expensive annual vacations, ---was never wise. I can appreciate that for a decade or so, watching your home value rise at a double digit annual pace and being able to tap into those gains with a home equity line of credit was simply too irresistible for many.

Purchasing a home must be viewed strictly as an investment. It is a place to live, first and foremost, a place to raise your family. that is its primary function. When purchase with the right financial strategy and expectation it will also be a solid investment. It is a long-term savings vehicle, you live in not a short term asset you flip to pay for other financial goals. We all must adapt to the fact that a home is not a liquid investment whose value will rise at a fast and furious pace. Home ownership can make great sense for many, but you must have a clear eyed understand of what a home is and what it isn't.

So, when you get excited about purchasing a home, make sure  that you expectation are not going to be unreasonable.


Being a real estate broker takes on the form of leadership. The agent/broker role is to lead the client through the home purchase or sales process and serving them with the highest customer service standards. Crescent Moon Realty, Inc & Land N Sea Auction goal is to help the client achieve as many of their goals as possible - so that both parties feel that they are in a win-win.

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