Homestaging Tips for Sellers

Real Estate Sales Representative with Melissa Honea Realty

First impressions are important.

Roll out the red carpet for

potential homebuyers by sprucing up your entryway,

especially one with a lockbox. Welcome mats,

planters filled with seasonal flowers, and clutter-free

foyers and hallways set the stage. A clean, polished front door also makes a good first impression.

Sell the space, not your belongings. Remember that the

goal of a successful showing is to make a prospect

feel at home - like it's theirs, not yours. Put away your

extensive personal collections. Less is more: open

up your space so prospects can actually see what

they're buying.

Paint and Thorough Cleaning. Fresh paint

and a thorough cleaning will give you the greatest

"bang for your buck." Remember that neutral walls

are your best bet when staging a home for sale. Consider a professional cleaning.

Arrange furniture for easy traffic flow.

Change your furniture arrangement for spaciousness.

Place a major piece of furniture at an

angle, such as a couch or desk. Angles add interest

and can create a more open feel.

See the light. Move lamps to dark corners and

arrange drapes, blinds and shades so that natural light

floods your rooms. Brighter is better, and your rooms

will look larger. Leave all lights on for showings. 

Make the kitchen and bathrooms sparkle.

De-clutter the countertops by removing toasters, food processors and other

kitchen appliances. If you have a breakfast table or

counter, put out a couple of table settings complete

with place mats, napkins and dinnerware.

A centerpiece of fresh flowers also looks great.

 All sinks and fixtures in the baths should be kept clean and sparkling.

Tip: To deoderize drains, pour some baking soda in the drain before

 you retire for the evening, and the next morning your drains will smell fresh and clean.

Don't forget the out of doors.

Garages, carports, decks and patios need to be clean and neat. Rake leaves, mow and trim, and keep it looking

neat and clean.

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