Are you a COMPLAINER? Well stop...

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I am going to jump on my soap box here so fasten your seat belts. 


I am sick of hearing people complain about their lives, jobs, children and spouses!  We live in a country where most of us get paid a fair wage for a fair job.  We have the freedom to speak what is on our minds and pray to the god of our choice because many have made the ultimate sacrifice for us to do so.  Our children receive life saving vaccines and education so they can grow up to be a productive part of society and yet we crawl into our cozy beds in our air conditioned/heated homes complaining about how rough we have it.  Complaining about how horrible our countries leadership is when many people don't use their voice when it comes time to vote.  Compaining about our children when many want nothing more than one day back with the sick child they lost.  Complaining about our spouse working too much when that job provides us a lifestyle many dream of having. 

So today my blog is a simple reminder to go throughout your day with an attitude of gratitude. We live in a blessed nation regardless of our current economy.  So here's a challenge for you, for the next week as you take your shower go through a list of the things you are thankful for and see if that changes your perspective.  If tomorrow you only had what you were thankful for today what would you have?

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Rob D. Shepherd
Windermere/lane county - Florence, OR
Principal Broker GRI, SRES

I just grabbed my hard hat and dived under the table. I'm pretty sure I am one of those you are talking about.

Oct 11, 2011 05:16 AM
Amber Milligan
W.J.Bradley - Tulsa, OK

I must admit in the middle of my typing frenzy I took a moment to be thankful haha

Oct 11, 2011 05:40 AM