What does the Trans-Atlantic Pipeline have to do with your business?

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What does the Trans-Atlantic Pipeline have to do with your business?

by Travis A. Flaherty on Sunday, October 9, 2011 at 9:59pm

Here is an Interesting fact: Each day 2.14 Million barrels of gas are pumped along the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.  This fuel first enters the pipeline in Alaska and works its way down the US Coast, arriving in fuel holding stations where eventually it will make its way into our gas tanks.  You might be wonderingWhat does the Trans-Atlantic Pipeline have to do with your business? 

Think about your goal for this month.  How many people would you like to sponsor, how many new clients would you like to attract or how many purchases would you like to attract?  What rank would you like to achieve, how many sales would you like to achieve, and how much income do you want to achieve?  

It is important you understand THE ONLY WAY you will make this happen is if you fill your pipeline in the first half of this month!  The fuel has to come from somewhere! I suggest that each of you break your month up into three zones; white, blue and red zone.  

The white zone is the first 15 days of the month.  During this time you should have one goal; to load as many people, clients, or potential transactions into the pipeline as possible.

The blue zone is the third week of the month.  During this time we are now focusing in on the people we have in process, clients we are representing, or how many purchases are still being considered.  Getting these leads to a third party edification tool such as a webinars, conference calls, websites, sampling, etc.  

And of course the Red Zone is slated for the last week of the month.  During this time you are now working on closing transactions with the intent of accomplishing your goals and FINISHING STRONG.  

If you leave your month to chance and just accept what happens to you, you will be left at the end of the month scratching your head wondering what went wrong. We’ve all heard the ancient proverb, He whofailsto plan, plans to fail”.

This week your focus should be on contacting, inviting and loading up your pipeline.   That doesn’t mean you aren’t following up with people, clients or sales leads already in process, getting people started, etc.   However, never forget that loading that pipeline is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your business! and now you also have a better idea of  What your business has to do with the Trans-Atlantic Pipeline?

In the spirit of success,

Travis A. Flaherty

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