The View From Behind the Dashboard

Managing Real Estate Broker with The Butler Team at Brokers Realty of CFI

One of my friends recently introduced me as a woman who spells her name using alphabet soup. I thought it was funny, and on reflection, very telling.  It’s true; a B. S. in This, a second B.S. in That;  then an M.A. in Here and another in There-- plus some of the PPPHHH! in a PH.D. (Hopefully, someday, my husband will be calling me, “Dr.” Honey).  I have experience in the classroom, in business, in the kitchen, and like every woman, wife, and/or Mom, I multi-task in twenty-seven directions and still maintain some sanity and humor.  And even though I haven’t used it in a decade, I have also kept my Real Estate license active and simmering.

                If you had asked me six months ago how I would be utilizing my time, my answer would have been 180 degrees from current reality.   With underlying excitement and sparkling eyes, I would have gone on about helping children and families function more effectively as a unit.  I would tout, “Teamwork people; we need teamwork to interact and operate efficiently and happily.” The office would be a haven; welcoming, calming, educational, and safe.  

Whoa! Halt! Fast Forward! Picture it!  An office… just the right size to be welcoming-- ambient lighting complimented by the soothing splash of a small fountain on a lower bookshelf--   artwork and atmosphere that transport you to peaceful places-- an upholstered chair sometimes occasioned by a fellow worker—all cocooned by the soft hum of busy, productive people in the other offices.  Oh! Did I say soft hum?  NOT!

 This is a real estate office--and not the common, run-of-the-mill firm. No national brand here.  A TEAM! These people work independently, but for the good of the whole.  They are professional, successful, super-charged, motivated, and busier than the proverbial paper hanger.  Sometime during those six months, I pulled out the license, dusted it off, and am now part of the support administration in an office of the best--hand-picked and employed by the best.  It’s all good!  And guess what?  I talk to folks every day and help families learn, fulfill their needs and dreams, and find some happiness. Self-fulfilling prophecy? Providence? No matter. I’m helping people; both clients and co-workers.

Is it long hours and hard work?  Yes.  Is it necessary to dip into the alphabet soup to deal with some of it?  Absolutely.  Do I give my job 110%?  I try.  Did God give me a sense of the ridiculous in just about everything?  Thank you.  Would I rather incorporate smiles, comic relief, or an “aha!” than market trends, statistics, or projections?  You betcha!

 So, whenever the Boss asks me to contribute to the Company Blog, I’m going to follow her instructions!  “Write about anything. Just make it positive.”   Sure, there’s a lot of serious news all around us.  But we don’t need to impose that on ourselves so much. Life is good.  Inhale it deeply. Employ all of your senses—and add a sixth--your sense of humor and fun. Throw your head back and laugh—a lot!  “Teamwork people! We need teamwork here!”

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