How to Repair Your Wood Floors in Your Kenai or Soldotna Home

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For those of you who have wood floors or need a quick and simple fix to an armour or other piece of wood furniture, You should read Chris's post on how to repair it yourself. Thank you Chris.

Original content by Chris Druesedow
If you have ever owned a home in Kenai or Soldotna and had wood floors, you know that it’s a pain to get rid of those darn scratches! Today I’m going to give you some tips on how to fix, or even just camouflage the scratches instead of spending hundreds of dollars repairing your floor. Camouflage the Scratches: An easy way to hide the scratches is to rub on stain-matching crayons or Sharpie pens. You can also use wax sticks, such as Minwax Stain Markers. These are great because they contain stain and urethane, which protect your floor’s finish. Spot Sand Deep Scratches: It takes a lot of time to repair wood gauges: Sand, fill, sand again, stain, and seal. Here are some ways to make this job go by faster! -Sand with fine-gauge steel wool or lightweight sandpaper -Always sand with grain -Use wood filler, which takes stain better than wood putty -Use a plastic putty knife to avoid more scratches -Seal the area with whatever product was used on the floor originally -Apply the coat with a lamb’s wool applicator, which avoids air bubbles in the finish. Fix Gaps in Floor: Old floorboards can separate over a long period of time. Take some colored wood putty and fill the gaps, or you can take leftover planks, rip a narrow band, and glue it in the gap.

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