Political Climate is Driving People to the Country

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I can't help but notice how the political climate has sparked change in reasoning behind homeowners selling their house in town to get out to the country. This has been going on for years because people wanted to escape the city life and retreat to the equestrian ranch. But this time around its not all about the Green Acres lifestyle. The more I talk to them I'm hearing that they are getting back to the basics of raising animals, growing their own produce and canning. They say they would like to "get off the grid" as one said to me as recent as today. With the growing uncertainty in our government and the direction things are going with food prices, shipping costs, etc... I can't say that I blame them. I myself am taking similar measures. I must say it has been quite delightful working with this genre of buyers because they have attractive homes to sell in town and they are creditworthy on paper. They also are very aware of what they want and are open to the area as long as they are in the country. And there is plenty of that no matter where you go.  I see a spike coming in near future on these types of properties.

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Maureen Fukumoto
Help-U-Sell Realty Pro - Mililani, HI

That's very interesting. There isn't anywhere to get away to here but I myself have planted a little veggie garden. I didn't realize I was part of a broader movement.

Oct 13, 2011 12:53 PM
David Spencer
Keller Williams Northland - Kansas City, MO
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Your picture looks like you may have visited Millennium Park in Chicago and saw the bean.

Oct 13, 2011 01:13 PM