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The Real Estate Market, overall, usually has its peaks and valleys. This year the market is more like the plains in Nebraska, flat and low with housings not moving and what is called a buyer's market. The interesting thing is a buyer's market really benefits mostly first time buyers or those that do not have a home to sell. If you own a home, in this market, a lot of buyer's/seller's become hesitant to list their houses because of having to list it for less then what it should be valued at. So what I am hearing is, "We won't list now until the market gets better. But do you really come out ahead by waiting? If the market turns into a "Seller's Market" the house that you are buying will then cost you that much more. So in a sense you have not gained if you were to sell your house for what it should be worth you also will buy a house for an increase. The difference being about the same should you sell now.

So why not, and I am talking to potential sellers, talk to a Real Estate Pro and get a valuable insight as to where you sit with your property. If you have a good location, remember-location, location, location, and a great looking house, spotless or immaculate, staged to show its features to the max and catch the buyers interest, remember first impressions are important, and let your professional Real Estate Agent do his job in presenting your home you could sell your house for a great price and in a reasonable time frame even in this stale market. To try and wait for that happy medium from a rising market your guess will be as good as anyone else and a lot like betting on a horse. If you only knew.

Don't get caught making a decision from, "I heard it through the grape vine," but talk to a "Real Estate Professional," Look at the numbers and see if you can make this work to your advantage. The home that you fell in love with may not be around when you are ready to buy.

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Daniel Wexler
ReMax - Fountain Hills, AZ

good to know what is going on throughout the country;  hope business is good for you. A bit too slow here in AZ

Aug 15, 2008 05:56 AM