Yes, I will move across the country for a job! Why not?

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I have a lot of experience with relocation company involved moves, those moves that involve an employer helping and/or paying for the move for their employee. These moves are employee benefits and it is very important to have a conversation about the process before you say yes to that new job. For instance if your company (or a new company) wants you to move across the US here is a few things to discuss with your new boss, employer, or the HR person:

-Will you pay for packing, moving my items (including your vehicles), and unpack in the new home (this is a stressful time and you do not need to be packing/unpacking)

-Will you buy my house? When? How? Will you pay for my loss? (because if you bought a home in the past few years you will have a loss)

-Will you pay for my Realtor?

-Will you pay for travel back and forth until I move my family?

-Have you pulled your credit to see if you can buy a new home?

-What happens when, how, where, and why? Ask one more question then you think is enough!

The move is more important or at least just as important as the salary! Having your family in one state and you in another is not a good life. Having a home in NC rented and you renting a home for you to live in AR is not a good thing either. If you have questions please call me anytime before you say yes to the job!


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Patti Ann Kasper
Blaine & North Metro Minneapolis St Paul Real Esta

Nice post...  I've worked with a few relocation buyers and there are tons of questions that anyone who is going to relocate needs to ask.

Hope you have a great afternoon!

Oct 15, 2011 08:25 AM
Joy Daniels
Joy Daniels Real Estate Group, Ltd. - Harrisburg, PA

I too work wiht a lot of relocation buyers and sellers.  They really appreciate a realtor who is familiar with the area!  Thanks for your post.

Oct 15, 2011 10:27 AM