The screaming customer - I still don't get it?

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Maybe it was the way I was brought up, maybe I am just not a loud person, but I never understood the screaming customer, or the point of screaming at someone. Real estate professionals (Realtor and Lender) are probably second to only service industry people when ranking professions that get yelled at by customers.

Mr. and Mrs. Customer - it wasn't my choice that I have to document every nickel deposited in your bank account,that I need two years of tax returns with all schedules even though I already have your W2 and pay stubs, or that you have to sign extra paperwork that use to be half as much. (thank your current administration for these extra steps in the mortgage process). 

Also when I deal with the screaming customer, nothing brings a smile to my face more than when I hear the following

1. " This is ridiculous"

2. "I can't believe you are asking for this"

3. " I have bought X amount of houses and never had to do this before"

Mr. customer, sorry for the smirk on my face, but I promise you I am laughing with you, not at you. 

What is even more comical is they know we are all paid on commission, so why would I want the home buying process to be harder? If you don't close, no one gets paid on the transaction! Hell no do I want you to have to do more work than is necessary!

Lastly, why on earth would anyone scream or berate someone who is trying to help them accomplish a goal (close on a home)? Does it make me more willing to help you than if you asked politely or asked rational questions? Sometimes it motivates me to prove the customer wrong, sometimes I kill them with kindness. 

I am a good LO, this rarely happens to me, but I see it with other LOs I manage and from other LOs at different companies and it always makes me scratch my head. Real Estate professionals... stay strong, have thick skin, and if you truly didn't make a mistake but still get yelled at - just smile knowing you did everything you could. 

Anyone else have stories to share?


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Jeff Jensen
The Federal Savings Bank/Lending in 50 states - Greenwich, CT

Many times clients just don't listen.  All the better reason to listen one's self.

Oct 15, 2011 01:23 PM
Carlotta Remong
Berkshire Hathaway HS N.E. Prime Properties - Newport, RI

Joseph,  Great post on dealing with upset or irrate customers...kill  them with kindness, never stoop to their level no matter what.

Oct 15, 2011 01:39 PM
Doug Rogers
Bayou Properties - Alexandria, LA
Your Alexandria Louisiana Agent

I have pretty thick skin. But I have told a couple of toxic "clients" to go to Hell in the past. Most of these divas are never going to close anyway. Live is too short to work with folks who don't respect you.

Oct 15, 2011 02:51 PM