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Are you as accessible as you should be?

What is the point of having a beautiful web site if no one can find it? Watermark can help you raise your rankings WITHOUT paid advertising and at a low cost. 

Web statistics say that a viewer decides whether or not to stay on your web site in less than 6 seconds. You have seconds to capture their attention. Are you doing that now? 

Watermark Design would love to help you create a brand for your company, starting with a logo that is recognizable without explanation that also translates into future ad campaigns, your web site, and other collateral.

We would like to help you look and be the best. We want to make sure that a. people find your site and b. when they do, they contact you immediately because they can’t turn their head from your eye-catching Web site.

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Recent work: logo 

the event company web site 

the Dinsmore House web site 

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