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Mortgage and Lending with Atlantic Mortgage Direct

Do you have clients with less than perfect credit?

-Credit Problems? Late or forgotten payments? Out of work or filed bankruptcy? There is no reason why an imperfect credit record should prevent them from getting a loan. We are specialized in getting difficult loans approved.

Credit card balances and payments have you strapped and stressed?

-Our Payment Options Loan provides you the flexibility to utilize our minimum payment option plus freeing up money to pay off the 18 %"interest" on those credit cards.

Need Cash Flow?

-Rates starting at 1% with our otion arm program

Need Cash Out?

-We can get you cash-out on Refinances to: 100LTV Owner-Occupied, 90LTV Non-Owner-Occupied.

Self-Employed and tax returns don't show your real income?

-Try our No-Income and No Asset Verification Loan or our Stated Income loans.

Want to pay off your loan early?

-We offer Bi-Weekly loans, loans that pay off in 23 years. You can even customize your loan to pay off in increments of 1-40 years.

Would you like to have money to invest for your future needs, but you never have enough at the end of the month?

-Try our Interest Only Loan!  This frees up the equity portion of the loan for to invest in higher yield returns.

Would you like a loan that basically allows you a monthly line of credit attached to it?

-Through our Payment Options Loan, you have several options at which you choose how much you want to pay on your home loan that month. Where else would you get a 7.5Home Equity Line of Credit?


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