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Whats up Brian,

 Well, I played in 2006 and the 2007 $1500 and the $2000 WSOP tournament. 2006 was my first year, in the $1500, I played well for the fisrt half of the day. I accumulate enough chips to be the chip leader on my table. But after the break, it was raise from under the gun, everyone fold it to me. I was in late positon, and I pick up Ah-Kd, first rasier was very aggressive and I had position on him. I just call thinking that if I hit a good flopped I can take all his chips. Well the flop was 3 hearts and I had the ace of hearts for a nut flush draw. He fire a big bet, I had put him on JJ's or QQ's and thought that he didn't like the flush flop. So after thinking that I wa sure that he had something like JJ or QQ's I move all in. He stood up and just smile, I thought I had him at that point, but then he said "well if you have a higher flush then I have to paid you off" he show 5-7 of hearts. Men, my heart just drop, but I had outs, but no luck that year I miss my card. I was down, but I had some chips left. But my game was off, because I keep thinking that this fish raised with 5-7 from under the gun and he hit it hard. Well I was out befor the dinner break, if I could have last till after dinner I would have money. But that was my first year, men talk about tears in the dark, well nothing a good cigar can't fix.

 Well Brian, maybe after I close a loan I write about it somemore 

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Hey!  Scanning through people that haven't been on in awhile,wondering why you haven't been back?  Lots of good info here on Active Rain, stop by!

Nov 28, 2015 10:52 PM