Do It Right... The First Time

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Thinking about buying a place?  Good idea.  Are you a first time home buyer?  Now is a great time if you have the ways and means, the time, and the right agent at your side.  Let's face it, if you're about to make a big purchase, you need the right team behind you.  Your real estate agent is like the quarterback of that team, and you want one who knows the game.  So let's take a minute and game plan with 3 simple questions before we march onto the field.

One question that I often ask clients is, "How long do you plan to stay at your next house?"  Surprisingly, it is a question that they haven't always given much thought.  "5 years, maybe?  I don't know, 10?"  Now, very few people can predict the future with accuracy... but it's worth rolling around before you commit to what could be your largest purchase, EVER.  Sometimes your answer to this question will directly affect what type of house you buy, where, and when.

Next up:  What do you NEED and what do you WANT?  The reality is that you may not get everything you want, and that's okay.  I wanted 10 acres, a basketball court, and a moat, but settled for a half acre and a wide driveway with a garage.  Filling the moat with alligators was going to be pretty expensive (not to mention the liability), and mowing a 10 acre lawn is pretty time consuming.

Finally:  When are you free to go out and see some houses?  Let's rock and roll.

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