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Five Tips to Help Make Moving Day Less Stressful

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Five Tips to Help Make Moving Day Less Stressful

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the “average” American makes 11.7 moves in his or her lifetime. Here’s a little refresher on five ways to make your next moving day less stressful.

1. The moving-emergency disaster kit
Okay, it’s not really a disaster kit, but doesn’t that sound exciting? Chances are, nothing disastrous is going to happen on moving day. Even so, you’re going to be tired after schlepping all that stuff. Make it easy to relax and put your feet up, so to speak, by packing a duffel bag with your necessities. Include your robe and pajamas, your toothbrush and paste, medications and other toiletries. If you have a family, give them duffel bags as well. Don’t forget the dog and cat. Set aside food and water bowls along with some kibble so you don’t have to dig through boxes before hitting the hay.

2. A pre-packed home
Ever notice how you can move into a home with five measly boxes of stuff and move out a few years later with fifty? Tchotchkes breed like rabbits (or wire hangers). Make moving day simple by packing everything but your necessities (those are in the duffel) before the swarms descend. Professional movers aren’t going to wait around and free movers (i.e. your buddy Dave and cousin Larry) aren’t going to care whether your limited edition series of Spiderman comics are packed in sequential order. Pack neatly and carefully, beginning months in advance if necessary. Label boxes legibly so you can easily identify their contents.

3. A thoughtful floor plan
Do you own a 400-pound pullout couch? Good for you –until moving day that is! Save time and prevent back strain by determining the placement of your heavy furnishings before moving day. Start with a floor plan of your new home. Assign numbers to furnishings (and affix said numbers upon them). Number the floor plan to indicate where each item should go. Give copies to everyone involved. You don’t want to be struggling to move that monstrous china cabinet left in the hall after everyone else has gone.

4. An accurate inventory list
If you’re using a moving company, make sure you are present when they load your belongings. Do a final walkthrough to ensure nothing has been missed. You will be issued an inventory list or “bill of lading.” Don’t stuff it in your pocket until you’ve given it a once over to ensure everything is included. If you do not, and anything is discovered lost or damaged later (like that priceless moose head), you’ll have little recourse.

5. Invisible pets and kids
Okay, unless you’re a mad scientist who has secretly perfected an invisibility potion, this isn’t possible. But you can keep your pets and kids out of the way. If you can, take the pets to your new home the morning of the move and sequester them in a quiet location. Keep them in their crates if you’re unable to otherwise guard against accidental escape. Send your kids to grandma’s or a friend’s house. Unless they are old enough to heft heavy objects, they’ll only get in the way and quite possibly slow things down..

Whether you’re currently renting or thinking about buying your next home, a move could be in your future. These suggestions can help you make it a smooth one.
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Ryan Jennings
Keller Williams Realty-Wellington - Wellington, FL
"Buy With Confidence...Sell With Trust"

Thanks for sharing the useful information...

Oct 17, 2011 04:03 PM
Ted J. Macy
Top Agents Atlanta Metro - Milton, GA

This is a great list, it is short, but includes some of the most important tips, good job.

Oct 17, 2011 04:37 PM
Will Nesbitt
Nesbitt Realty at Condo Alexandria - Alexandria, VA
Nesbitt Realty is a family-run brokerage.

Great tips Anthony, very useful information to have, I wish I would have had this list when I moved!

Nov 01, 2011 04:39 AM
Susanna Haynie
CO-RE Group, LLC -Real estate sales and services - Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Springs Realtor GRI CNE MCNE ePro MRP

Great suggestions. Before you pre-pack make sure you check with your moving company if packing yourself would void any insurance protection as there could be a shit in liability. Moving is simply no fun, but it sure helps if you are moving into a nice home :-)

Dec 04, 2011 02:06 PM