Connecticut First Time Home Buyers - This is the perfect storm!

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Connecticut First Time Home Buyers, now is the perfect storm, Super Low Mortgage Rates and Great Deals on houses for sale!  If you are thinking of buying a home what are you waiting for?? With 30 year mortgage rates around 4.0% or even less your buying power is better than ever, houses are a deal now with anxious sellers, bank short sales and forecloseres.

I know that people hear that house prices may get lower but will mortgage rates? And who really knows if that is true or not. Most home buyers are NOT buying a home to live in it for 1-3 years and move, most are there for the long term 10-15, 20 years or life, in this case the Single Best Investment over time has been and still is real estate!

If you are sitting on the fence it's time to jump off and get on the buying side. Start with a Free -No Obligation Pre-approval, let's see what you qualify for, let's see what is comfortable for you each month to pay and let's see what the best mortgage program fits your needs! The consultation is FREE!

Contact me today and start home shopping tomorrow.... or call Toll Free in CT 1-866-334-5626

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