Pretty graphs and a $1 will get you a cup of coffee!

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I started out this morning looking at sales graphs for Nash County NC. I have a report from Rasberry Shackelford & Associates with pretty graphs, flow charts, little dots and lines, and usual ups & downs. I am sure you have seen these graphs before, they all have "statistics" that someone feels are worth showing in a graph form. I wanted to write a blog discussing these findings and maybe even compare two or three. I wanted to show how the market looks and compare values to sales, sales to years/months, know...something to make me look good and "smart"

Well after looking at these graphs and a few calls from a couple of listing clients asking when I was going to sell their home I decided that those pretty little graphs do not mean anything! That my knowledge of the market, my daily study of the activity, and my interaction every day as a full time Realtor was all I needed! The information from those graphs is confusing and remind me a quote from another agent, he says you have lies, dang (he used a different word) lies, and statistics! So I am going to speak to all my clients now and future, here is how to sell a home in this market!

1. Listen to your Realtor

2. Get your home ready (clean, de-clutter, remove pet odors, stage, etc) again listen to your Realtor

3. Make sure your Realtor takes great pictures and place them all over the Internet

4. Price your home to sell (not what you want, not what you paid, not what you owe, not what your friend said) again listen to your Realtor (and his/her knowledge of the market)

5. Let your home be shown EVERY TIME, meaning have it ready all the time

6. When you get an offer, listen to your Realtor...this may be the best and only offer you get

The following is what you should look for when talking to a Realtor

1. Knowledge of the market

2. Knowledge of the Internet

3. Look at their web site, online blogs, online information, etc

4. Do they stage the home

5 Are they a "yes man" or a "facts man"

People want a deal or they will go somewhere else to get it...


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