Today I Enrolled in the Georgia Pre-License Course to Get My Real Estate License

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I began my journey toward getting my real estate license today by enrolling in the Georgia Pre-License Course. I signed up for an online course with a school recommended by my business partner Sandra Watkins.

The course is with Barney Fletcher Schools and claims to be "one of the largest providers of Real Estate and Appraiser Education in Georgia." The Course consists of four modules, two appendices, a Georgia Study Guide and a Georgia Homework Package.

I have finished the first section in the first module, Introduction to Real Estate Principles and Practice and The Nature of Real Property.

In module one I read about the difference between real estate and real property and learned about such things as fructus naturales, riparian rights, littoral rights, and appurtenances. This is going to be a lot of fun.

I passed the quiz at the end of the introduction and am ready to get started on the next section.

By the way, thank you all who posted words of encouragement and advice on my previous post, Is It Time To Get My Real Estate License?

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