So You Want To Be A Landlord -- Part II ( Story 2 & 3)

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Part I
Part II (Story 1)


Story 2

I had the house rented to tenants that for all intents and purposes were good tenants: rent paid on time; trouble free tenancy.

When the tenants moved out I noticed a small leak in the bathroom at the shutoff valve under the stool.  The tenants never bothered to inform me about this problem and the water was soaking in where the floor meets the wall.  The caulking around the tub was also faulty and this water, and water that escaped the tub when they bathed the kids, had soaked through under the tub.  The end result was serious water damage.

I had to remove the toilet and tub/shower, tear out the floor, replace all the damaged sub-floor structure and then replace tub, toilet, and install new linoleum.

Story 3

House was rented to good tenants who took care of the home and paid the rent on time.  Whenever there was a problem they would call me and explain the problem and usually they would take care of it themselves and deduct it from the rent. 

One day I drove by the house to check on things and noticed the hose bib on the front porch was shooting out tiny but constant stream of water.  I spoke with the tenant about it and he said he would pick up a hose bib at the hardware store and take care of it.  So what's a hose bib cost?  Less than $5.00.  Anyway, I never gave it a second thought.  My bad!

About 6 months later when the tenants moved out I went down to check on things and found that he never did put in a new hose bib.  The wood skirting on the entire left front of the porch was rotted as a result.  Not a big deal really.  But when I tore it off I found out that the beam under it that supported the entire front of the house was also rotted.  I had to go to a specialty lumber store to get a beam sized to match the old house.  Then I had to go rent house jacks to jack the house up.  Then I had to get a crew of helpers together to jack up the house and replace the beam.  I would dread to think what a contractor would have charged me to do the above.  All because of a measly hose bib that could have been replace for next to nothing!


 Check back soon - I have plenty more stories to tell.  And if you need help selling or managing your Fresno California property don't hesitate to call me.  My stories might sound negative but I am POSITVE I can help you. 

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Comments (2)

David Spencer
Keller Williams Northland - Kansas City, MO
Show Me real estate in Kansas City
AAAAAHHHH! The benefits and profitable income of residential investment property. Perhaps this is an indication of the benefits of owning non-residential property.
Oct 30, 2007 02:50 PM
Johnny Park
AmREDS - Bakersfield, CA

With any rental item, be it a house or a car, the renter does not care what happens because in the end they don't own and so it's not their problem. These type of hidden damages are a pain, but are all part of the "joys" of being a landlord.


Oct 30, 2007 03:39 PM

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