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100 percent realtor commissions for south east florida.palm beach.ft lauderdale. miami. miami-dade

Real Estate Agent with Global Luxury Realty LLC

With this in mind real estate agents are begining to understand that they should not be expected to pay fo the brokers high overhead cost.


Global Luxury Realty LLC has recoginzed this and responded with a inovative concept whereby all Global Luxury Realty Agents will earn 100% of their commissions.  www.globalluxuryagent.com

Another problem that Florida Realtors face is having to chase the broker around for their hard earned commission.  We at Global Luxury Realty LLC believe that you should be paid at the closing thus eliminating the wait time ( and aggreviation of chasing your broker)


We offer several programs whereby you may keep 100% of your real estate commissions. 

Global Luxury Realty's 100% commission program #1.  No monthly fees; pass along our $395 transaction fee or $50 on residentail leases.

#2.  High volume?  We have a program where you have ZERO in transaction fees and ZERO in leasing fees.  We charge $150/month. 

#3.  Dont want to pay us $150/month?  Want to keep 100% of your realtor commission?  It's simple,  WE PAY YOU TO BUILD OUR BUSINESS!!!!   FOR EVERY AGENT THAT YOU RECRUIT THAT PAYS THE $150/MONTH WE PAY YOU $50.  SO Recruit 3 and your commission offsets your fees.

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Bill Gardner
Global Luxury Realty LLC - Miami Beach, FL

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Oct 19, 2011 06:44 AM