Rancho Santa Fe Wildfires Leave "Fire Safe" Communities Untouched

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While waiting for a later dinner date (okay, a colleague/roommate who i eat with almost every night), I ventured into the National News section on my phone.  The first story revolved around the wildfires in Rancho Santa Fe.  I'm not sure if anyone caught this story, but it definitely was an eye opener.

Several communities in Rancho Santa Fe are striving to become "fire safe".  This means no excess shrubbery, fire retardant roofs, and many other strictly enforced rules.  Many members of the community we're taken aback by such regulations regarding their properties.  One in particular said that he was fed up with the nonsense.  That was before the wildfires.  That was also before all 5 "fire safe" communities went untouched by the flames, according to the article.

The man says he is truly a believer and will not contest any restrictions to his property.  I'm sure that the other members of these special communities think the same way, too.  Tragedies always bring out our vulnerabilities, but sometimes they show us that we're headed in the right direction. 

How will our local cities/communities respond?  What policies does Anaheim and surrounding cities already have in place?  Will it be a hard lesson learned for other communities, or can we learn from these neighborhoods and become more fire safe?  Please give me your opinions, suggestions, concerns, or any other insight.  


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