Shall I Wait Until Spring? NO!!

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I get this question this time of year quite a bit. Shall I wait until spring to list my home? My answer is a big resounding No! A common misconception is that you should only sell in the spring. The truth of the matter is that real estate transactions happen every day of the year. So while there may be more buyers for your home in the spring there is also three times more competition.  Less competition equals a higher chance of getting under contract!  I also find that the buyers that are looking over the winter months are serious about buying.  It is not like spring when all the fence sitters come out and socially go to open houses. These people need a home or they would be at home where it’s warm! Another thing to consider is that values at this time may be higher then they are in the spring. Spring could come and the unemployment rate could go up, interest rates could go up, and prices could go down especially with all of the extra homes flooding the market due to the misconception. Another thing is that your house may be dressed to the nines for the Holidays. A beautifully decorated house makes the buyers imagine themselves there, and brings about the homey feelings that are needed to get that contract into place! And last but not least interest rates are at a record low. If you are selling now and you get your house sold you are going to be able to buy another one taking advantage of these record low rates. If you wait until next spring who knows what will happen!

 So while it can be a pain in the behind to keep sidewalks shoveled and salted there are many good reasons to be on the market in the winter months! 

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Rosalie, what a great and catchy way to get those sellers attention ~ I love it!  You brought up some excellent reasons why not to wait as well!  Well done.

P. S.  your ClustRMap should have an Apex visitor showing ( not sure why is says Apex instead of Raleigh but that's ok)!  That would be ME!!!

Oct 19, 2011 12:16 PM
Rosalie Evans
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Pamela- That is so awesome thanks for stopping by! I don't no why I get so excited over visitors but I do! Hope you are having a good week!  :)

Oct 19, 2011 12:23 PM