Peachtree Hills - The Softer Side of Buckhead

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Located in a northern section of beautiful Buckhead you will find the charming neighborhood of Peachtree Hills, Georgia. The area is bounded by Peachtree Road on its west side, with Peachtree Creek running along the south side and Lindbergh Drive to the north, the east boarder are the train tracks that run west of I-85/Bufford Connector. The neighborhood is characterized by its cozy; gentle atmosphere and family friendly offerings, providing numerous opportunities for outdoor activities and recreational times.


Situated in Buckhead, the surrounding area is a prominent business sector, which has established itself as a strong economical force in the Atlantic region. Peachtree Road is one of the area’s main roads and is home to high-rise condos and office spaces, providing a short communal time for those situated in homes in Peachtree Hills.

Surrounding sectors close by to Peachtree Hills is typified by many shopping opportunities, offering the best deals and prices from established local businesses and major retailers, providing a mix of local brands and more globally recognized brands. A plethora of restaurants are also scattered across the district, serving up an eloquent batch of fine cuisine, with a wide variety from which to choose.


Homes in Peachtree Hills are typified by a classic architectural style, displaying a more traditional and vintage styles, mixed with a vibrant contemporary feel. This aesthetic coincides with the family friendly environment that the Peachtree Hills Civic Association strives for, creating a harmonious living experience for all residents. Numerous recreational areas are scattered around the neighborhood and surrounding areas, ranging from local parks like Peachtree Hills Park and playgrounds to several pathways, providing residents with a gentle scenic route to appreciate.


Closely located schools also provide convenient travel times for homes in Peachtree Hills, along with other educational facilities and local libraries, all providing aid towards new families and children just starting their education. Homes in Peachtree Hills will further benefit from extra curricular programs run by the various recreation centers, providing opportunities for individuals to network and share new ideas.

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