Does Your Home Have Rhythm? Part Two

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Last time I promised that we would discuss three more types of rhythm in interior decorating: opposition, transition and gradation. These are big words for simple concepts. Let's start with:

  • Opposition - This is a form of repetition. You can find it where two lines meet in a right angle such as the corner of a window frame or doorway. Another example of opposition is where the horizontal line of a piece of furniture meets the vertical lines of a column or other architectural feature. The room below has more than one example of this in the horizontal lines of the wainscoting and the vertical moldings on the wall, and in the horizontal lines of the sofa along with the vertical moldings and curtains behind it.along with the vertical moldings and curtains behind it.


  • Transition - This refers to how curved lines carry the eye over an element in the room such as an arched window, drapery swags, or even a camel-back sofa or curved chair back. Notice the curved lines in the image below. See how they draw the eye over and around the room. The curve in the faucets draw the eye up, over and into the sink and the tub. The lines of the tub itself draw your eye towards the mirror where the curved light fixtures are reflected and from there down to the sink. The curves of the sink draw the eye to the beautiful wood grain of the counter top. Are you dizzy yet?

image source

  • Gradation or progression - When you line up objects by size or color. Moving from small to large or from dark to light. The treads on a staircase are also a good example of progression. Gradation could even be the use of wall color from one room to the next. Look at the image below. Above, you see that the wall is a dark charcoal gray, as you move into the next room the wall is a lighter, silvery gray. And in the last room, the walls are a pale, pearl gray.

image source

Next time I will finish with three more types of rhythm: radiation, contrast and alternation. See you then!

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