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Joeann's October Freebies

1. With 3 months left in the year, do you know where your production is based on your business plan for this year? Have you created some goals for the next 90 days to kick it up a notch and finish strong? I use this tracking sheet with my clients each quarter. Set aside a little time to position yourself for a great 4th Quarter!

2. Think & Grow Rich - I’ve offered this before but you can get a paperback copy for only the shipping costs! If you already have one, get one as a present to someone. Napoleon Hill shares the secrets of the Rich and the thinking that got them there! I just got his newly released book, Outwitting The Devil: The Secret To Freedom & Success which my friend, Kristi Soligo, sent and tells me it is fabulous!

3. And Best of all!!!!! A FREE Fossland's Forum Webinar 



Capture Leads With QR Codes with Carrie Gable


Utilizing QR Codes In Real Estate To Capture Leads


Thursday, October 20, 2011
6 AM Hawaii, 9 AM PDT & AZ, 10 AM MDT, 11 AM CDT, Noon EDT


Are you in the dark about what QR Codes are and how you, as a Real Estate agent, can benefit from using them? Wondering what all the buzz is about? Have no idea how to get one? This presentation with Carrie Gable of RealSupport, Inc. will not only answer these questions, but will also show you how to create your own QR code(s) along with 10 marketing ideas to showcase how QR codes can drive more traffic to your website and capture leads.


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