The Grove at Mesa del Mar

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There is a newer community that has popped up in an older community of Costa Mesa and it is called The Grove at Mesa del Mar.  What is unique about these homes is the land they are built on.  This piece of land was a sanctuary for local Mesa del Mar residents.  It use to be a small convenient store and a gas station and now as one would imagine over time is new homes.  How do the residents of Mesa del Mar feel about this?  Some are happy to see new construction around them and some are not happy because now they have to drive to the store rather than walk like they once did.  


What is unique about The Grove at Mesa del Mar?  

  • They one of the few new construction homes in west side costa mesa
  • Brand spanking new in a well established community Mesa del Mar
  • Not eye sores of the neighborhood (they are designed well)
  • Affordable in the area
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