The Key to Real Estate Success - Easy, Inexpensive, and With Great ROI

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Buying Hawaii Real EstateThe Key Points to Real Estate Success Are True!

The key points are 1. get leads 2. manage leads 3. turn leads into clients 4. get clients into transactions and 5. close the transaction.  In today's market - you the AGENT need to find a way to get YOUR leads, manage YOUR leads, turn YOUR leads into YOUR clients, and close YOUR transactions.

The key points for success in today’s real estate market are pretty much the same everywhere; what is the most effective way to get leads,  manage leads, and turn leads to clients is constantly changing .  The best systems to  keep up with the market and the technology needed to manage the market  if you’re smart, won’t cost you much in marketing fees or any fancy seminar fees.  

If you are in Hawaii we have a message for you - We DON’T want any new agents to join our company…We want to help YOU build YOUR Brand and YOUR Business..for and by you, the agent.  We are a Hawaii brokerage based on this model of “for and by experienced agents”.  We center our efforts on helping Agents build their business just as we work to build our own personal business.    We want to share with you the tools to be a success in building your business no matter what brokerage you hang your license with. 

Hawaii agents, if you are interested in a demonstration of a integrated, easy, personal website that contains lead generation, lead capture, a mobile web ap for searches,  a lead management system  and more…all coordinated on one personal, unaffiliated website, please contact us offline at admin@hreomail.

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Ken Brandon
Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage (Jacksonville, NC) - Jacksonville, NC
Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, NC

Great reminder about our income producing activities and the things we should be focused on if we expect to run and operate a successful business. It is easy to get caught up in time consuming NON income producing activities in this profession.

Oct 20, 2011 01:13 AM