Trading Donuts for Loans

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Who's ready for help vs. donuts?

Ok, all you hard working Realtors out there, how sick are you of us loan officers coming into your office with our donuts and asking for your business?  You know how the spill goes, I will answer my phone, I have great rates, we have local underwriting and processing and bla bla bla the story goes.   Well what if vs. the donuts I offered you a business model that would give you another 10-15 deals a year?  This is without you changing how you do your business or even spending a dime.  How would that change your life?  How would it affect your children or better yet your grandchildren?  I know how great we all feel after eating that donut (yes, that is sarcasm) but what if I gave you the ability to make more money so you could afford to buy your own donuts (again, sarcasm)

Hopefully I have your attention now!  So tell me in today's market when it is difficult to find that "HOT BUYER" and there seems to be more "Tire Kickers" out there than ever how could you use a system that gives you the ability to stay in contact with every person you have a real estate conversation with?  The bottom line is NAR says the average Realtor connects with 25 contacts a month and out of those they narrow it down to 2 "HOT BUYERS" to end the month with 1 sale.  Realtors are amazing new-workers but no one seems to teach how important those other 23 contacts are and how it would change your business and your life if you just kept your face in front of them while they "kick the tires".

I have the business model that is the solution to this problem!  It cost you NOTHING but commitment.  So if you are in the Oklahoma Market call me and I will schedule a meeting if you're not in my market feel free to comment and I will connect you to someone in your local market that will give you these tools.

So stop buying into the donut for a loan and change your life!!

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