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Homes In A Rural Setting Living In Harmony with All your Neighbors

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I have a home in a small rural setting.  Our town has about 3,600 people in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut  (it’s grown a lot since we first moved here 17 years ago.  There used to be only 3,100 people lol).  It's been a great place to raise our 3 children.
there are a lot of other pros to living in a rural community people are more neighborly, I've seen more wild life here than in a local zoo where I grew up. But the one thing that has happened is the Bears population in the area are becoming more and more desensitized to man.  Part of the problem unfortunately is man is encroaching on land that has been theirs for a long time. They hunt sleep and have there cubs on a territory they live in.
from Dr. Carin Bondar Website  http://tiny.cc/0v5xa
We don't have a garage so for those of you who do this might only apply when you put your garbage out for pick up. Homes in a Rural area like most of Litchfield County know that part of the beauty and nature means dealing with all your neighbors.
It will cost you about .98 cents to buy this product.  Some of us were brought up to have it in your home no matter what.  You can brush your teeth with it. It’s used in high school chemistry labs to stop an acid from burning you. It is used for baking, to freshening laundry and to keep your fridge and freezer from smelling.   
What is it???  Baking Soda.
My daughter discovered that if she put the spoiled meat in a plastic grocery added some baking soda then wrap it in another bag added more Baking Soda the bears will not eat the meat and it can stop them from tearing into ALL your garbage.  The great thing is that we have not done it for weeks and they still haven't come back.  They say elephants have great memories but it seems like Bears are not to shabby in that department too.
For all you PETA people (their website neighbhors.http://tiny.cc/6cfb5) I looked it up and in small quantities it will not cause them any problems.  So we can have a home in a rural setting and still be in harmony with all your I hope this tip will be helpful in detouring your local bear population. Now if I could just figure out how to stop my kids and their friends from raiding the refrigerator Ill be golden.............JK Noah :-)