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Real Estate Agent at ComputerSuccess Tip #1:  It’s a Digital World and You Have To Keep Up To Date.

First and foremost, you’ve got to have a website to get leads, especially buyer leads;  you need to capture those leads, and you need to manage those leads – and those leads you drove to your site need to be your leads and when you convert them, they should be your clients. 

Second, what kind of website?  There are lots of “pretty” sites with “pretty” pictures and lots of loooong informational articles (the old school says you should have lots of relevant information).  But are they generating leads,  capturing leads,  managing the leads and turning them into closed transactions for you without a referral fee to your brokerage that “gave” you the lead because the search program is on their front page but you are buried as an information only sub-page?   If you have a personal website, is it current with up to date tools and systems?

The Google search parameters on how internet leads find you and what internet leads are looking for, and how internet leads find your site have changed dramatically in the last year.  And in technology, the one thing you can count on is change, so you need to have a site that is constantly evolving.  Today, a site must have a prominent IDX search (that is data derived and formulated from a feed from the local Board’s MLS system) on the front page. 

Also, the search needs to focus on how people search for property – by neighborhood, area, or city.  It should have options for types and checks for key features.  Then there needs to be a way to capture those leads.  It’s nice to get 100 hits this week on your website; but who were they, what did they look at, what’s their email?  They looked and found a property they were interested in on your website, but did they call you or just take that info to the first Realtor that called them back from the other 25 websites they went to?  And if you capture the leads, do you have a built in contact management system that coordinates with their online activity and allows you to connect them to exactly what they want and you don’t lose that contact even if they don’t buy until three years from now? In other words you can turn them from a lead to a client.

We DON’T want any new agents to join our company…We want to help YOU build YOUR Brand and YOUR Business..for and by you, the agent.  We are a Hawaii brokerage based on this model of “for and by experienced agents”.  We center our efforts on helping Agents build their business just as we work to build our own personal business.    We want to share with you the tools to be a success in building your business no matter what brokerage you hang your license with. 

Hawaii agents, if you are interested in a demonstration of a integrated, easy, personal website that contains lead generation, lead capture, a mobile web ap for searches,  a lead management system  and more…all coordinated on one personal, unaffiliated website, please contact us  at

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